After a successful performance in 2017 of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto, Ellinor returns performing Brahms violin concerto.

Reviews :

“Violinist Ellinor d’Melon’s long-awaited return to Gävle Symphony Orchestra was purely triumphant. She has a unique ability to touch hearts and release emotions, evoking shivers and tears with her playing, as well as euphoria and laughter. […] What a triumph! It is fascinating to see how easily D’Melon turns to conductor and orchestra, how they communicate at the highest musical level. […]There are moments of ecstatic beauty, eternal and fleeting.”

Camilla Dal, Gefle Dagblad, 15th March 2019

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“If she was a success last time, it was nothing compared to this. Rarely has the concert hall been filled with more powerful ovations. D’Melon captures the audience’s attention immediately when she enters. She has a way of moving with the music, turning to the conductor and talking to him with her violin, or turning around towards the orchestra in a pleasurable interaction. The joy shines through. […]The technique is dazzling and she really embraces all the emotions that the music holds.

Lars Westin, Arbetarbladet Gävle, 15th March 2019

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